Monday, May 27, 2013

A Little Bit of Grilling - Chicken Kabobs

     Although I "retired" from teaching last year, about 10 weeks ago I found myself back at it - filling in for a friend who was unable to complete the year due to some physical problems.  The good thing about it is I am back at my old school, so I know the staff and students.  The bad thing is that teaching takes all day and is exhausting!  I have gotten involved with lots of fun volunteer stuff and I have still been trying to do that as well - which sure doesn't leave much time for cooking and blogging.  One fun thing I do is write for a local magazine.  I've been working on a story about grilling which will run in July.  I "interviewed" one of my coworkers for the story and he shared his secret for turning out juicy, yummy chicken kabobs.  He marinates the chicken in Greek salad dressing.  I whipped some dressing up and tried his method.  They are tangy and tasty! So I'm sharing this little bit of grilling now - enjoy!


Chicken Kabobs



For 8 Kabobs:

Four chicken breasts cut into large cubes, vegetables such as:  cherry tomatoes, yellow squash & zucchini slices, onion cut into eighths, colored bell peppers cut into squares, or mushrooms.  If you are using wooden skewers, soak them in water for at least 20 minutes.


For the Marinade:

Whisk together:

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon oregano

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon lemon pepper

1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram

1 clove garlic, put through a press


Let the chicken cubes marinate in the dressing for about an hour. Remove them from the dressing and thread them on skewers alternating with the cut up vegetables.  Throw the marinade out.  Grill over medium heat for 15 minutes, turning once during that time.




  1. You bandwagon jumper!! Just kidding. Looks good and I like the ingredients in the marinade. Sounds really healthy and tasty (and probably better for you than using a bottle of Italian dressing). I'm going to give them a try.

  2. Can you please delete the above comment (or first two sentences)? I clicked a link and thought I was commenting on somebody else's blog. It was sort of an inside joke, no offense taken. I apologize. You can delete this one as well. But now that I'm here, I'm going to take a look around your site.

    1. Hey Griffin! I loved your comment above! First of all I am just thrilled to even get a comment and second - my girls and I also have a joke about being a Band Wagon Jumper! Yes, I will delete it if you still wish., but I would love to keep it !