Friday, October 18, 2013

Giving Thanks for Giving

      In anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, I am partnering with Cooking Planit to celebrate the Givers in our lives and communities. Do you know someone who gives to others without looking for recognition or reward? 

     The person I am thinking of was my good friend, Ann.  She recently passed away about seven weeks ago, but she will not be forgotten by the many lives she touched.  Although she had several health problems, all of us who knew her always saw her as full of energy and ready to help those in need.  She thrived on taking on causes and projects that raised money for those who were less fortunate.  Ann was particularly interested in making sure young people could participate in activities that they might not otherwise be able to afford.  This past year she oversaw community fundraisers that enabled a young opera singer to study in Italy, a high school girl to travel to England with her children's choir, and four emigrant children from the Congo to experience two weeks of summer camp. 

     Do you know someone like Ann?  Submit their story to Cooking Planit via one of the links you see below.  It doesn't need to be long, but should be inspiring and explain how someone you know empowers others with their efforts.


     In 300 words or less:

  • Recognize an individual who is making a difference in the lives of others in your community

  • Share how they donate their time, energy, or love with an unselfish focus of helping others

  • Give details on how they are working to improve lives of others

The Cooking Planit Super Friends, a food blogger community, will choose the top five entries and from among those, one grand prize winner will be chosen.

Each special person highlighted in a winning entry will receive a $250 gift card and the writer of the entry will receive a $100 gift card.  In addition, Cooking Planit will donate $1000 to the charity of choice of the special person in the grand winning entry.

This is Cooking Planit's way of saying "Thank You" for caring about others and making your community better for it! 

You may enter on Facebook ( or on the Cooking Planit Giving Thanks page ( during the time period of October 18 to November 1, 2013.

In the week prior to Thanksgiving Day, one winner a day will be announced via the daily winner's story on the Cooking Planit Blog and Cooking Planit Facebook page.

So warm up your pens, and warm up the hearts of all of us this Thanksgiving season <3


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