Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sweet Potato Tacos

    They are certain items in life that were just meant to be together.  For instance: salt and pepper, Ken and Barbie, or peanut butter and jelly.  Sweet potatoes and tacos aren't usually a combination that come to mind!  However, last spring, while trying to figure out something different to do with a sweet potato, our family discovered that chorizo and sweet potatoes are just amazing together!  Sweet potatoes are the perfect foil to salty, spicy chorizo - and when you add in tomatoes, avocados, and cilantro - the flavors play off each other perfectly. The resulting filling is yummy in a whole wheat tortilla, in a corn taco shell, or just alone. Since chorizo packs such a strong wallop, not a lot of it is needed.  Sometimes we add black beans and queso fresco, but not always.  Add a squirt of lime along with the rest of the healthy ingredients and enjoy!

Ingredients for about four servings:

      1 large sweet potato

6 ounces of bulk chorizo sausage

2 tomatoes

1 avocado

1 small handful of fresh cilantro

1 lime

Optional:  1 (15 oz.) can black beans, drained and rinsed

Optional:  1/2 cup crumbled queso fresco


     Place the chorizo in a skillet, break it up, and cook it over medium heat until it resembles browned ground beef.  Drain off as much oil as possible and set it aside.

     Peel the sweet potato, cut it into 1/4 inch slices, and then cut each slice into cubes.  Place the cubes into a sauce pan, cover them with water, and bring them up to a boil.  Turn the heat down to medium high and continue cooking the sweet potato cubes about 12 more minutes until they are tender, but not mushy. Drain the sweet potatoes and place them in a bowl that will be large enough to hold the rest of the ingredients. 

     Dice the tomatoes, cube the avocado, and chop the cilantro.  Add them, along with the cooked chorizo, to the sweet potato cubes in the bowl.  Gently mix the ingredients together and serve with tortillas or taco shells.  Slice or cut the limes into wedges and squeeze over the tacos if desired.

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